Specific goals for the numbers there

Specific goals for the numbers there, but, of course, my task is to bring more people to the stadium and social club.

Video with breaking into the stadium did you get the t-shirt Manu Fernandes. If he said anything to you on this account during familiarization training camp?

Manu was a very private person. He don’t talk much with anyone, and often walks alone. So, with him unable to communicate, but I really want to fix this situation soon, because Manu speaks very good Russian. He has virtually no accent, I was amazed.

– Describe a typical day of Constantine Girina. In you are studying, UNIVERSITY, work and the channel on YouTube “Loco”? Do a little bit of time for yourself?

– To combine – it is always hard. If I would have stuck to one thing, no matter what, I would do it several times better and better. But we have to break yourself on several fronts that makes life much richer and more interesting. Free time is very little, but the schedule I have still not 5 on 2, and free, so, can not rest too, otherwise you would have gone crazy (laughs).

– You learn to be a Manager of MITRO – do you plan eventually to do a hobby channel, and most of the time to dedicate to this profession or learn simply for the “crust”?

– Went to the tower, rather, for show, as now YouTube gives me everything I need. After graduation don’t plan to change anything, but sometimes we have to adjust, let’s see what happens in 4 years. Would like to associate itself with YouTube for many years. Without a million on the channel I’m not going anywhere!

– What is the earnings channels on YouTube with the number of subscribers to more than 500,000? With what audience starts money on which to live?

Is the most popular question bloggers. In fact, all individually. You need to be able to sell yourself, but at the same time adequately assess themselves. Advertisers look at the number of hits is not less than the number of subscribers. I started to earn first money, when the channel was about 20,000 subscriptions. At the moment I fully provide for myself. Rent an apartment, pay tuition, and so on.

– How long have you rooting for the “Loco” and how do you see the prospects of the team in the near future?

“Loco” I’m from 2006, since that year, I began to watch football. I believe in the team of Yuri Pavlovich, he came to the bridge at the most inconvenient time, but after the camp, the train should go forward. The season is not lost, all is found. In the next few years waiting for “the locomotive” in League of Champions.