Martin to home semifinal surprising Banská Bystrica won by three goals

Players Martina in quarterfinal play-off Tipsport league surprisingly discarded after Košice result 4: 2 in matches. Their opponent is yet the best quartet of top Slovak hockey league last year received in 2000/2001.

On the contrary, did not surprise winner of the base part of Banska Bystrica, although the Nové Zámky once lost. A favorite is also in the semifinals.

It must however be careful. Martin because he could knock Košice despite the fact that in the regular season against his quarterfinal opponent failed even once. Nor against Banska Bystrica has the best statistics.Of the six duels won only one.

The series winner will meet in the finals with a better pair of Nitra – Žilina.Online transmission: Bet LIVE on a wide range of events in Fortune & # x3E; & # x3E; Tipsport League (SR) playoff semifinal 2016/2017 1st April 2017 at 18:00 | Ice rink Banská Bystrica B.Bystrica 6: 3 60 ‘End of the minute Martin Stats goals and assists 10. Bortňák 22 Skalický (Handzuš, Higgs) Skalický 29, 34. Higgs (crude, Hickmott), crude 40 (Witt), 53 Hickmott (crude, Higgs) – 7 Korostin (Varga, Galamboš), 32 Koyš (Markovic, Galamboš), 35 Rapáč (Surovka). Judge: J.Ends Müllner – Holievka, Kacej – Kontšek. Attendance: 2841. Transfer to lead although they went as the first players z Martinu, but Banská Bystrica then turned to the state mainly through the second period when the put four goals, won today and attributing the first point in the semifinal series.Banská Bystrica, moreover, well compacted their blue line. 58:00 The last two minutes of the third period.Finally in turn get the shot off Heizer, who appeared in front of the crease. 50:56 Skalický have created a position, but his attempt was betrayed and failed to pass Corbeil.Home puck maintained. 49:25 Matousek was well defended, but nevertheless got to the end of the turn.Followed Nahodenie in front of the goal cushion Korostin hit the goalpost. 47:37 Bystričan was tooth and nail to keep the attacking third, but the combination was not ideal at all.Found only enemy defenders. 42:38 Opportunity on the other side. Galamboš got behind one of the defenders of the opponent in a very good game.Very good Second Period brought up six goals! Mainly domestic use defensive Martina negligent and that the middle part of the game he could only tighten the difference one good shot.Finally, to get him the puck. 37:09 Higgs problems, but he moved to third opponent.Corbeil just went ahead and endings are scrambling to Higgs. His dangerous intrusions into the crease exact finish ends. 31:01 Martin scored! Very good game in numerical superiority to bear fruit.Guests opponent sparked interest and PATRIK KOYŠ got the puck behind Bacashihua after having received a pass from Markovic before bránu.Asistencie Jaroslav Markovic, Peter Galamboš 30:24 Martin played very well and in this power play shooting of one hundred and six.It looks as though it will not go to the penalty bench niches. 28:49 Banská Bystrica gave the lead PAVOL SKALICKÝ uses big mistake Bačíka who lost the puck in front of their own goal and hit it perfectly into the corner of the goal.Corbeil today catches very well, but this time remained without a chance. 28:40 Unnecessary offside on the host side.This time into it barreling Tomáš Zigo, tried to deke the opposite side, but Canadian withstood now. 27:20 Kubka took the puck Koyš and after a subsequent pass forward into the shootout got Dávid Buc.His deke however Corbeil void that it Blockers vychytal. 26:45 Martin after a long time work something out in the third opponent.Corbeil had to be very careful that it smite the goal.Bacashihua Although the work was, no-construct Rzavský of wings comfortably started. 21:41 Banská Bystrica gave the lead to the home turn the score around.The first third of this year’s semi Tipsport League brought two goals.Branislav Rapáč read Šeršeň faith, surrender to him and directed the puck Bacashihua.Immediately they began minor scuffles between players on the ice surface. 12:00 Rusina performed a controversial procedure, which remained unnoticed by the referees.Bacashihua ascribes intervention Assists received. 10:53 Filip Surovka is shaken after one of the battles at the boards.Teammates help him now dokorčuľovať on the pitch. 10:20 Martinčania obviously did not use power play, moreover, they conceded.Game has great pace, viewers of both teams encourage those looking. 10:00 Trukhno got a pass between the circles and fired on goal.Corbeil puck adjacent, it will throw-in at the gate guests. 9:20 Banská Bystrica given a goal! Martincan huge mistake in their own power play!Martin’s team takes the lead! He took care of it SERGEJ KOROSTIN. Assists: Róbert Varga, Peter Galamboš. 6:19 home unit went into the attack.Matousek there Bortňák looking for a pass, but the puck to reach a shot of this is. 05:00 Home päťminútovka this duel is over. In Banska Bystrica and yet not exclude nevudeli we nor any specific intervention.We apologize for the technical problems in the beginning of the match. 00:01 The meeting has just begun. Banskobystričania the favorite of the semifinal series. They won the basic part and easily passed the quarter finals fighting when New Locks discarded after the result 4: 1 on matches. They played aggressive, combinational hockey, support them was the goalie Bacashihua. Under Urpínom do not speak about anything other than the title.Martin on everyone believe. Should still miss the most productive defender competition Maione. Squad but has a whole from under Urpínom wide enough, which could also be positively reflected in the semifinal bojoch.Martinčania surprised. Although ended after season of the 6th place, but had in it and a lot of pitches. First, they could not longer play for jaundice and two duels before the end of their complicated situation, which did not cause – dohrávka of Banska Bystrica for problems with ice under Urpínom and canceled domestic duel with Žilina for poor camera system. Like them, these grievances even more nabudili in the quarterfinals. Kosice because Martin sewed excellent tactics and won the series 4: 2 in matches.He was also a great support was Corbeil. Welcome by online transfer. The meeting will begin at 18:00.The breakdown HC 05 iClinic Banská BystricaZostavy: Sorted Bacashihua (Lawson) – Rosandić, Wishart, Sersen, Kubka, Mihalik, Carlsson, Farmer – Hickmott, crude, Buc – Trukhno, Zigo, Kafka – Skalický, Higgs, Handzuš – Matousek, Bortňák, Lamper – ČešíkLavička: MHC MartinZostavy: Sorting Corbeil (Dzubina) – Kozak, pull, Bačík, Salija, König, Brňák, Rusina, Pacalaj – Korostin, Galamboš, Varga – Markovic, Heizer, Koyš – Rapáč, Long, Surovka – Rzavský, Pokrivčák, JurášekLavička: judge J.All, Müllner – Holievka, Kacej – Kontšek if