In December 2016 on YouTube has been wildly popular

In December 2016 on YouTube has been wildly popular “24 hour challenge”. Bloggers slept in Parks, Shopping Malls and so on. But nobody did it in a football stadium. To me, this idea seemed great, but I knew that without an agreement, I will not be able to do this – it would be illegal. My letter fairly quickly came to the club, which appointed me to a meeting and we discussed all the details. Extremely happy that Lokomotiv have met and helped in the organization of absolutely exclusive video.

– What it’s like to be at the training camp of the main team, being cyberterrorists? How was your routine and how you have been treated, the players of “Loco”? Immediately took over my or someone’s hand, felt the disdain in the spirit: “And what is this profession – cyberterrorist”?

– From the beginning, the club began to position me as a full-fledged player, I passed the examination, received my t-shirt to the game room and signed the contract. Then I was given an outfit identical to the outfit of the football club. On the first day of training camp I was introduced to the whole team. It was a very exciting moment for me, hardly ever forget about it. My schedule is also a little than differed from the schedule players “Loko”. For 3 days I attended all the trainings of the team. During this time, managed to communicate not with all, but I was pleasantly surprised by the openness and friendliness of the guys. Pressure and tension I felt, accepted me as his own.

The management of “Loco” headed by Ilya Herkus actively working to promote the brand of the club and attracting a new audience to the stadium. I’m sure you signed in and an additional PR of the club, given the impressive number of subscribers to your channel. After you appeared on the club channel, “Loco”, he started to sign new people – do you have specific numbers that should come the audience of the club on the Internet? Conditional: you have to double the number of subscribers to the team instagram account.