Give some advice to beginning bloggers

Give some advice to beginning bloggers: how to achieve success in this business? Is there any universal formula?

– Videoblogging is a very popular activity in our time. From this we can conclude that the competition is just outrageous, and won the audience very difficult. If you can’t see my life without YouTube, there are a couple combines simple tips: 1) Shoot what you really like. 2) Do it efficiently. 3) Do the unique content that has not yet happened, a surprise.

– In one of your last video you went to Munich for the presentation of new boots from Nike – Hypervenom and has prepared for your personal boots. How did you negotiate this?

– We started to cooperate with NIKE since the summer, began as a project of K11. A collaboration like me, and the company, so they decided to take me to the presentation. During the work with these guys, I realized, NIKE top level of the organization. Any events from them – a real pleasure. I hope that our cooperation will last as long as possible.

Recently in Ufa was the Premier League Cup on cyberpatrol. How would you rate the level of the tournament?

The tournament in Ufa was the first of its kind in our country. And he did not leave anyone indifferent. Many of those who came back, did not expect such a fuss about. The organizers have done great job that they took on this responsibility and conducted the tournament without any obvious hitches. Sure, with each successive tournament level organization will grow. But in Ufa we immediately set ourselves a very high bar.

“Loco” is the only Premier League club that is a signatory of two cyberterrorist you and Anton КLENOFF maple. How to build your relationship, whether between you and the competition? For example, you went to the team’s training camp in Spain and he doesn’t, while exactly Anton represented the team in the Premier League Cup in Ufa.

– “The locomotive” has played a proactive. At the time, as few clubs could find themselves and one cyberterrorist, the railwaymen announced the birth of cybercommand. I assure you, this is only the beginning. I have with Anton, the perfect relationship, competition is always present, but we both try to bring the maximum benefit to the club.