Bauer already training. National championships but will not go even MARCIALONGA

Season skiers skiing Lukáše Bauera is further complicated. Triple Olympic medalist is due to lingering health problems not participate in the national championships in Nove Mesto in Moravia or MARCIALONGA, race marathon series Swix Ski Classics, it is but in training for the World Championships.

First, he had to wrap participation Giant fifties, now he had to sacrifice the scheduled start Wednesday at the national championships and MARCIALONGA Sunday.

“Luke doléčoval asthma, we solved it with Dr. Martin Koldovským,” said national coach Miroslav Petrásek. “He started to train on Saturday. It would be nonsense to go in the championship and will not run nor Marcialonga.Started preparing for the World Cup. “

Bauer battling health problems since the start of the season, in December still fought twelfth place on the skating fifteen in Davos. Tour de Ski missed as planned, in other races, but he again prevent poor health.

Championship in New Town in Moravia, which will be held from Wednesday to Saturday, although the nomination race for the world championship, Bauer has but thanks to the results in the World Cup in the group for sure.Like Dušan Kožíšek, Martin Jakš, Eva Vrabcová-Nývltová and Petra Nováková.

The nomination you may gain even champions in classic sprints, races 10 km skating women’s 15 km skating and 30 km classic men.

“I hope to bring down a fight for space,” says Petrásek. “Masters of the Republic in selected disciplines are nominated for the World Championships certain.I think that’s the national championship makes an interesting affair. “

The Republic championship will test mainly for Aleše Razýma that season yet not bound to the good results from previous winters.

” After decent location in Davos, where he went twice to scored slightly behind bars, the Tour downright failed, “says Petrásek. “He went home and had absolute rest. Perhaps that it was more than kidnapped. Attend the fifteen and sprint and he should prepare for the World Cup. “

In the New Town in Moravia will be presented and Martin Jakš, which for precautionary reasons has not received the final stage of the Tour de Ski.

< p> “Martin is okay.The last trip we did not go on tour, because I almost always after him sick, “explains Petrásek. “Championship will be part of the preparation. Therefore, he should attend, sprint, relay and would like to go even thirty. I hope it turns out well. “