Bauer already training. National championships but will not go even MARCIALONGA

Season skiers skiing Lukáše Bauera is further complicated. Triple Olympic medalist is due to lingering health problems not participate in the national championships in Nove Mesto in Moravia or MARCIALONGA, race marathon series Swix Ski Classics, it is but in

“I’m not really a woman wearing soccer.

The way it strolled out there, Jurgen Klopp earned the suitable decision simply by inciting the Armenian playmaker. Mkhitaryan became showed directly, however currently Thomas Tuchel, perhaps, entirely satisfied on this move. In the beginning of the year not a

He / she chose to visit Philippines at a children

He or she made a decision to visit Germany with a small age, decline to stay in the rent throughout “Illichivets” – the real village club “Shakhtar”, which often disappeared plenty of talent that isn’t within the framework in the

6 gamblers with the Leader Category properly pushed on the Bundesliga

In opposition to Dolgopolov prison assignment while regards 4 contents 111 in the offender signal of Euro Federation “deliberate triggering involving grave wound for you to fitness, entailed in imprudence end of the sufferer”. Pertaining to half a year Vladimir

Martin to home semifinal surprising Banská Bystrica won by three goals

Players Martina in quarterfinal play-off Tipsport league surprisingly discarded after Košice result 4: 2 in matches. Their opponent is yet the best quartet of top Slovak hockey league last year received in 2000/2001. On the contrary, did not surprise winner

Specific goals for the numbers there

Specific goals for the numbers there, but, of course, my task is to bring more people to the stadium and social club. Video with breaking into the stadium did you get the t-shirt Manu Fernandes. If he said anything to

In December 2016 on YouTube has been wildly popular

In December 2016 on YouTube has been wildly popular “24 hour challenge”. Bloggers slept in Parks, Shopping Malls and so on. But nobody did it in a football stadium. To me, this idea seemed great, but I knew that without

Give some advice to beginning bloggers

Give some advice to beginning bloggers: how to achieve success in this business? Is there any universal formula? – Videoblogging is a very popular activity in our time. From this we can conclude that the competition is just outrageous, and